HR Habits

A ‘habit (in this specific corporate context) is a particular practice regularly adopted by practitioners, which reflects a dominant or regular disposition or tendency which makes that professional effective in the performance of his role.

The Eleven Habits of Effective HR leaders were identified as under :

Habit #1 : They Partner with Business at the thought, spirit & execution levels and support Business Leadership in Selection of Appropriate Business Models and designing dynamic Organisation Structures.

Habit #2 : They were custodial partners with business of the ‘Values’ that the business nurtured & facilitated evolution of a flexible ecosystem & an agile business culture.

Habit #3 : They constantly focussed on external & internal (fit-for-purpose) acquisition of talent as well as development of potential talent pipeline to enhance the Human Capital contributions of the enterprise.

Habit #4: They ensured the prevalence of positive workplace citizenship programs and it’s systematic communications to ensure that talent was continuously aligned & motivated to participate, connected to strategy and engaged with the purpose of the enterprise.

Habit #5 : They write new behavioral code and get leadership to invest in building enterprise capabilities for measurement of performance and in learning of new wave competencies for development of a sharp & ‘Liquid Workforce’.

Habit #6: They ensured ‘technology – talent’ adoption and ensured enhancement of talent yield & contributions thru the adoption of appropriate technologies.

Habit #7 : They worked alongside business in ensuring fair, equitable, participative & inclusive Governance practices within the enterprise.

Habit #8 : They periodically communicated between Management & balance of work-force and ensured undertaking enterprise-wide crucial Conversations on all critical issues at all levels.

Habit #9: They ensured harmonious management of employee relations to ensure employee stakeholder partnerships.

Habit #10 : They periodically provided a matrix of their performance on an ongoing basis to the Business on their critical and measurable performance indicators.

Habit #11 : They worked along with the Board and it’s Remuneration & Compensation Committees to ensure that the Board is appraised of talent risks concerns and to the business is known to the Board and that suitable programs to de-risk the business thru the Board is designed and offered.

We are sure that adopting these HR habits will make HR leaders in all industry effective and meaningfully contributing to business as their long term partners.

The new HRM Committee of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) met for its first ‘thought leadership’ session on March 5, 2019. The ‘Talent Think Tank’ of this Committee took up for discussions an interesting theme …. ‘Habits of Effective HR Leaders’. On the basis of the threads of their discussions, a white-paper is being hereby circulated not only for the benefit of Leadership of its member industries but also for general use by industry in India.

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Blog Credit – Mr Adil Malia.

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