Value 'Values' over Valuables

Value ‘Values’ more than valuables.

Says Rumi in ‘Thief Will Enter’…
No matter what plans you make
no matter what you acquire,
the thief will enter
from the unguarded side.
Be occupied, then,
with what you really ‘value’
and let the thief take something less.

Have unfortunately seen bright professionals lose winning tracks intoxicated by short-term glory. Success blinds. They maniacally become over-confident.

They lose their ‘Value’ tracks & molest their Integrity standards. Mida’s touch slowly illudes them thus self-triggering their unfortunate decline. I have spent Coaching time with them during bitter moments of their grief & realization. Only had they been ‘value-guarded!

Rama pretends having not identified the demon Maricha in his deer disguise. Maricha gets overconfident of his disguising skills & teases Rama…would appear & magically disappear when Rama would steady to shoot an arrow. Finally, Rama meditates & shoots his arrow that kills Maricha.

Having identified Maricha early, Rama ideally should not have chased the deer into the jungles. But he does so to convey his message that however brilliant and magical your skills may be, if you violate values & spiritual norms, you will ultimately be the loser. Finally, values tainted skills, fail.

Blog Credit – Mr Adil Malia.

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