Why Maverik HCM

Human Resource Management is complex and has far reaching consequences even if one initiative of the HR puzzle is missed out. Most HR initiatives generally stop at Administrative Excellence. A few have struggled to achieve Service Excellence, but only a handful can claim authority in Strategy and Business Excellence.

Maverik HCM, has been designed as an IT platform for all the above three levels of excellence. It has done this by seamlessly integrating Behavioral competencies and Domain knowledge to arrive at the potential of an individual. This unique concept gives a holistic view of your Talent pool – leading to optimized Career paths and Succession planning.

In today’s competitive market place, it helps you ensure that your organization has the right people in the right roles at the right time! Maverik HCM spells out its value proposition through a comprehensive and systematic approach to Leadership Development. It caters to all the HR needs – from the most routine to the highly specialized – thereby simplifying and demystifying this immensely complex subject.

Maverik HCM addresses diverse stakeholder needs – Board of Directors, CEO’s, Senior Management, Line Management and Administrative support. In the process, it orchestrates the assorted strings of Policy, Process, People and Priority – to create a symphony of a collaborative process-driven and business result-centric environment.

Value Proposition Of Maverik HCM

  • We follow a practitioner approach and handhold our clients during all phases of development and implementation through active client participation and partnership.
  • We implement customized solutions and high impact initiatives ensuring a highly engaging and mutually enriching experience.
  • Setting up measurable & quantifiable processes.
  • Re-engineering HR processes and tools to achieve your organizational objectives.
  • Competency based organizational structures with weights specified to both – behavioural and domain competencies.
  • Holistic approach to ensure that you have the right person for the right job.
  • Takes care of all your Human Capital development and career needs.
  • Ensures your organization thinks strategically.
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